Karl Spreitz Film Inventory

BOX 01: Bali, Indonesia

"Offerings in White & Gold" (1981) - Depicts Bali, Indonesia, and looks at its cultural lifestyle. Features a week-long, 24-hour a day Purification of the King’s Soul Ceremony. This festival involves traditional dancers and musicians, a toothfiling ceremony, and the final freeing of the soul of the last king of the Island, Djecorda Gede Agung Sukewati. A Karl Spreitz/Vicky Husband Production. Director - Karl Spreitz, Script - Colin Browne.

U998.41.1/1 "Bali Outs"

"Bali answer print"

U998.41.1/3 "Bali µ 89692 K. Spreitz, orig. col. rev."
U998.41.1/4 "A-Role µ 90044 - K. Spreitz ‘Bali’ ECH II"
U998.41.1/5 "B-Role µ 90044 - K. Spreitz ‘Bali" ECH II"
U998.41.1/6 "Bali Outs"
U998.41.1/7 "Martha in Bali Orig"
U998.41.1/8 "Bali Original Outs"
U998.41.1/9 "Bali original outs"
U998.41.1/10 "Dancer at Mas - org."


BOX 02: Bali, Indonesia

"Martha" - Shows a Canadian dancer studying Indonesian dance in Bali.

U998.41.2/1 "Martha - Bali - Martha orig. outs"
U998.41.2/2 "Bali - orig. outs"
U998.41.2/3 "Bali orig."
U998.41.2/4 "Bali - ‘Martha’ orig."


BOX 03: Native Heritage

"Kekule" - Shows the building of a unique style log-house which housed the Natives of the Interior of British Columbia. Produced for the British Columbia Provincial Museum, 1975. Director - Karl Spreitz, Script - Colin Browne.

"Borden" - An interview with the controversial anthropologist.

"Pictograph at Headly" -Shows rock paintings from the Princeton and Headly area of British Columbia.

"Rock Carving" - About a huge rock carving discovered under moss in the Skeena River, which was lifted by helicopter to safe ground and restored.

"Totems" - June 3, 1971, Haida Totems.

"Dr. Clutesi" - Interview

Karl and his friend Colin Browne. The two met in the early 1970s and developed a close friendship.Together they worked on many films, including: Bottles; The Point Ellice Bridge Disaster; Crossroads - The Port of Vancouver, April 1891; West Coast Logging, Cowichan Valley, 1939; Coming About; Kekule; The Royal Hudson; Strathyre; A Portrait of Myfanwy; Offerings in White and Gold; Ninstints; and White Lake.

U998.41.3/1 "Rock Carving at Headly"
U998.41.3/2 "’Kekule’ - original out"
U998.41.3/3 "Borden orig., 1 of 2"
U998.41.3/4 "’Kekule’ - Borden orig., 2 of 2"
U998.41.3/5 "Pictograph at Headly - orig. outs"
U998.41.3/6 "Pictograph at Headly - orig. outs"
U998.41.3/7 "’Kekule’ - Borden org., 1 of 2"
U998.41.3/8 "’Kekule’ - Borden orig., 2 of 2"

"’Kekule’ - orig outs"

U998.41.3/10 "Pictograph at Headly - original"
U998.41.3/11 "Museum Pictograph"
U998.41.3/12 "Borden Audio"
U998.41.3/13 "’Kekule’ - OK to project"
U998.41.3/14 "’Kekule’ - work print"
U998.41.3/15 "Rock Carving at Headly - outs"
U998.41.3/16 "CLUTESI orig. neg. Head."
U998.41.3/17 "June 3/71 Totems - Head"


BOX 04: Miscellaneous

"McCauley Point Outfall" - 1968-1970, The building of the McCauley Point Fallout from assembly to pipes; welding the two mile long floating pipe supported by tug boats; the final lowering and the official opening."

"Royal Hudson" - (1977) Train to Los Angeles, train to San Francisco, train to Squamish. Tourism film produced by the BC Department of Travel Industry. Director - Karl Spreitz, Script - Colin Browne.

"A Place For All People" - From the pages of the Beautiful British Columbia Magazine, (30 minutes). Features Stanley Park, Vancouver Boy’s Choir, Mission, Cloverdale Medieval Festival, Snake Fences in the Caribou.

"UN in the Classroom" - (1950), 15 minutes long.

"Milfoil in the Okanagan" - (1970) The growth of milfoil in the Okanagan Lakes; underwater spreading of seeds and the animation which shows the government’s weed cutter. (The Minister at the time was upset by the scientists’ explanation pointing out the uselessness of the Government’s operation).

"Actors on Board BC Ferries" - Entertainment on the early BC Ferry runs. Camera original is 10 minutes.

"Railroad Going North (BC)" - Filmed from the air, depicts the fatal 600 miles of railroad going north to nowhere. WAC Bennett "make work" program.

"Summer Symphony" - (1972) Victoria Summer Symphony Festival, Lazlo Gati conductor. Performed in front of the newly opened Provincial Museum.

"News Parade" - Newsreel from 1933 - 10 minutes.

"Fishing in the Cowichan Bay" - 30 minutes.

"Coho on the Fly" - (1972) Early morning sunrise in the bay with hundreds of coho flopping amongst fishing boats. Plenty of fish being caught with the final conclusion a fishing derby with 150 entries all catching the limit. The winning fish weighed in at 40 lbs. A valuable document to show the incredible reduction of fish in the Cowichan Bay.

U998.41.4/1 "U.N. in the Classroom - 1950 B&W"
U998.41.4/2 "Fishing in Cowichan Bay - Orig. outs"
U998.41.4/3 "Railroad Going North - From air - orig."
U998.41.4/4 "Actors on Board BC Ferry - orig."
U998.41.4/5 "Royal Hudson to Squamish - out takes"
U998.41.4/6 "Mixed News includes Queen’s visit - orig. negs."
U998.41.4/7 "Royal Hudson - Squamish - orig."
U998.41.4/8 "McCauley Point Fallout - 1 print to project, 1 work print"
U998.41.4/9 "A Place for all People - work print"
U998.41.4/10 "Royal Hudson - San Francisco"
U998.41.4/11 "Milfoil in Okanagan 1970"
U998.41.4/12 "Summer Symphony - Lazlo Gati"
U998.41.4/13 "Royal Hudson to Squamish - orig."
U998.41.4/14 "McCauley Point - supervisor"
U998.41.4/15 "Milfoil"
U998.41.4/16 "News Parade"
U998.41.4/17 "Royal Hudson - Squamish OK to project"
U998.41.4/18 "Milfoil - OK to project"


BOX 5: Artists
see boxes 8-10 for more

"Shakespeare 400 Birthday" - Shakespeare returns to celebrate his 400th birthday. 40 minute animation in black and white featuring drawings by Michael Morris. A Karl Spreitz/Michael Morris collaboration.

"Mechanical Man (Sightseer)" - A mechanical toy from 1880 walks through a landscape painted by Michael Morris and the American flag. A Karl Spreitz/Michael Morris collaboration.

"Karl Spreitz"

"Jan & Helga Grove" - (1970) at the Victoria Art Gallery.

"Maxwell Bates and Myfanwy Pavelic in conversation" - 1 inch video cassette.

"Maxwell Bates" - Showing his process to complete a monotype.

"Godfrey Stevens" - A Victoria sculptor

"Leon Erickson" - with an eagle

"Art Critics’ Conference in Victoria" - (1970) Interview by Bill Thomas.

U998.41.5/1 "Shakespeare - original"
U998.41.5/2 "Max orig. sound"
U998.41.5/3 "Shakespeare - orig. outs"
U998.41.5/4 "Max orig."
U998.41.5/5 "Max Bates orig. S.O.F"
U998.41.5/6 "Michael Morris - Mechanical Man"
U998.41.5/7 "Maxwell Bates - original S.O.F"
U998.41.5/8 "Myfanwy +Max Bates" (3/4 inch video cassette)
U998.41.5/9 "Godfrey - Victoria Artists - Head"
U998.41.5/10 "Karl Spreitz"
U998.41.5/11 "Leon Erickson"
U998.41.5/12 "Art Critics 1970 Bill Tho"
U998.41.5/13 "Jan & Helga"


BOX 06: Historic

"Crossroads" - (1975) Finishing of the CPR train from Toronto to Vancouver. The film shows the linking-up with the CPR boats going to China, 1891. 20 minutes. Produced for the BC Provincial Museum. Director - Karl Spreitz, Script - Colin Browne.

"BC’s First Ferry North"

"Beautiful British Columbia Magazine Printed at Grant - Man Press" - (1970)

"Logging in the Cowichan Valley in 1930" - Black an d white. Shows steam donkeys and tree fallers in action; dumping of logs in water; bringing huge logs to a truck headed for Duncan.

Visit by Queen Mother" - The Queen’s visit to the Provincial Museum and Parliament Buildings with images around Victoria.

"1939 Royal Visit to Victoria"

"Queen’s Visit, 1957"

"Point Ellis Bridge Disaster of 1886" - Shows the build-up to the collapse of the bridge which resulted in 62 deaths. Includes follow up memorials. Produced for the BC Provincial Museum. Director - Karl Spreitz, Script - Colin Browne.

"Honeymoon Bay Sawmill 1940" - Loggers, log sorting and feeding the mill.

"Social Credit Commercials" - One of the first political television commercials for WAC Bennett. (Most likely the first "man in the street" interviews) 45 minutes.

"Niagara 1920"

"Kicking Horse Pass - 1901"

"Train at Kicking Horse Pass" - First footage of a train coming down the Fraser. Shot from the front of the train. Show tunnels, workmen and work camps along the tracks.

"Bottles" - (1974) The history of prohibition and booze in British Columbia. Produced for the BC Provincial Museum. Director - Karl Spreitz, Script - Colin Browne.

"Big Rock" - Rock carving.

"Royal Hudson" - Original colour footage at Calgary 1937.

"Mining 1965" - A lecture by the Mining Institute of Canada for perspective miners.

U998.41.6/1 "Social Credit Commercials - 45 min"
U998.41.6/2 "(original colour) ‘Opening Parliament,’ ‘Museum Flowers,’ Queen Mother Museum Store,’ ‘1939 Royal Visit,’ ‘Band Playing The Queen,’ Oct. 1968"
U998.41.6/3 "’Crossroads’ Print-check prior to projecting"
U998.41.6/4 "Point Ellis disaster - ok to project"
U998.41.6/5 "First BC Ferry North - Orig #1"
U998.41.6/6 "Crossroad Neg."
U998.41.6/7 "Head - Logging"
U998.41.6/8 "Crossroads - orig. outs #1"
U998.41.6/9 "Niagara 1920 - NITRO"
U998.41.6/10 "Train at Kicking Horse Pass - ok to project"
U998.41.6/11 "Queen’s visit 1957 - orig"
U998.41.6/12 "Kicking Horse Pass, 1901"
U998.41.6/13 "Crossroads Orig outs #2"
U998.41.6/14 "First BC Ferry North - Orig. outs #2"
U998.41.6/15 "1965 Mining"
U998.41.6/16 "Logging 1930 Cowichan Valley - orig."
U998.41.6/17 "BBC Mag. Printed at Grantman Press 1970"
U998.41.6/18 "Sawmill 1940 colour orig."
U998.41.6/19 "Big Rock"
U998.41.6/20 "Hudson"
U998.41.6/21 "Train Kicking Horse"
U998.41.6/22 "Train 1901 orig."
U998.41.6/23 "Bottles orig."


BOX 07: Commercials

Black and white, and colour television commercials from 1968, including 1 minute and 30 second spots. A great variety from cars (including the first GWG and Volkswagen commercials) to household products, and the media’s self-promotion with previews of upcoming programs. See Box 14 for more of the same.

U998.41.7/1 "Commercials - Mixed"
U998.41.7/2 "Commercial - Income Tax 1970"
U998.41.7/3 "Mixed 20 min."
U998.41.7/4 "Mixed - 500ft"
U998.41.7/5 "Tax-a-phone"
U998.41.7/6 "Commercials 30 min orig"
U998.41.7/7 "Social Credit com - out - orig."
U998.41.7/8 "Commercials"
U998.41.7/9 "Commercial for King 5"
U998.41.7/10 "Commercials (VW)"
U998.41.7/11 "BC Trades Fair"
U998.41.7/12 "Commercials Income Tax"
U998.41.7/13 "Mixed Commercials
U998.41.7/14 "Commercial - 15 min."

BOX 08: Artists - Myfanwy Pavelic 1 of 2

The introduction of the film features Kathryn Hepburn and shows Pavelic’s working process of drawing, painting, and collages. Set in the artist’s studio and home with visiting guests such as Yehudi Menuhin, Paul Horn and others.

U998.41.8/1 "Myfanwy - shortends - camera original"
U998.41.8/2 "Myfanwy and Yehudi in studio"
U998.41.8/3 "Myfanwy at CHEK TV & Sidney orig."
U998.41.8/4 "Myfanwy - orig # 1"
U998.41.8/5 "Myfanwy - 500 ft orig. #2"
U998.41.8/6 "Head Karl Spreitz ‘Portrait of Myfanwy’ Rev. mix Aug 19/90, 960ft, old mix"
U998.41.8/7 "Myfanwy work print"
U998.41.8/8 "Myfanwy - SFX & Narration"
U998.41.8/9 "Myfanwy A/B Rolls - orig. colour"

BOX 09: Myfanwy Pavelic, 2 of 2

U998.41.9/1 "Myf. Orig. #4"
U998.41.9/2 "Original Myfanwy #2"
U998.41.9/3 "Orignial Myfanwy #3"
U998.41.9/4 "Myfanwy Studio & Mary orig. outs"
U998.41.9/5 "Myfanwy orig. #5"
U998.41.9/6 "Myfanwy - sound track"
U998.41.9/7 "Myfanwy - studio - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/8 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/9 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/10 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/11 "Myfanwy final voice audio"
U998.41.9/12 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/13 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/14 (loose working notes of Karl Spreitz)

BOX 10: Artists - Herbert Siebner

"Herbert Siebner and John Manning" - Filmed on John Manning’s sailboat after his return from England. The film features the two men discussing Siebner’s art. This complete conversation is also available in Herbert Siebner’s first book, Colour, Line and Form printed by Manning Press, 1970.

"Don’t" - (1965) Filmed by Karl Spreitz and Herbert Siebner at beaver Lake, Victoria. Experimental film starring Siebner, Bob de Castro, Nita Forrest, Michael Morris, Pam Butcher, Sally Gregson, and others. 26 minutes.

"Herbert Siebner and Peter Forrest" - (1968) 6 minutes.

"The Wall" - Narrative by Herbert Siebner, 6 minutes.

U998.41.10/1 "Herbert Siebner & J. Manning - orig."
U998.41.10/2 "’Don’t’ - Siebner orig. B&W"
U998.41.10/3 "Herbert & Peter Forrest"
U998.41.10/4 "Wall - orig."



"Ninstints" - (1983) This film is about Anthony Island in the Queen Charlottes. It is a World Heritage site credited for having the largest number of totems still standing in their original location. The film deals with the removal of 20 totems in 1957 by a group of anthropologists and natives, including Bill Reid. Those totems were taken to be housed in museums in British Columbia. the film depicts conservation workers trying to preserve this heritage. A Spreitz/Husband Production.

Producer: Vicky Husband; Picture, Editing: Karl Spreitz; Sound: Patrick Pothier; Script: Colin Browne.

U998.41.11/1 "B&W NINSTINTS 1957"
U998.41.11/2 "NINSTINTS - orig. outs"
U998.41.11/3 (No title)
U998.41.11/4 "NINSTINTS out"
U998.41.11/5 "NINSTINTS out"
U998.41.11/6 "Outs - NINSTINTS"
U998.41.11/7 (No title)
U998.41.11/8 "Reel outs Feb. 15"
U998.41.11/9 "NINSTINS A&B negative"
U998.41.11/10 "NINSTINTS - orig. outs"
U998.41.11/11 "HAIDA - 2 talking heads"
U998.41.11/12 "NINSTINSTS - old 1957"
U998.41.11/13 "NINSTINTS"
U998.41.11/14 "NINSTINTS B&W"
U998.41.11/15 "NINSTINTS - outs"
U998.41.11/16 "NINSTINTS - outs"
U998.41.11/17 "NINSTINTS - 1957 - old footage"
U998.41.11/18 "NINSTINTS B&W 1957"

BOX 12: Elza Mayhew

This film shows the making of The Column of the Sea, a bronze sculpture by Elza Mayhew. We see Mayhew in Victoria with a cataloguing of her previous work. She is in conversation with Ricki Ciccimarra, and Bob de Castro. Depicts the pioneering the styrofoam casting process; casting in bronze at Ferno’s Ironworks, Eugene, Oregon; the finishing, assembling, and the final installation of the work.

U998.41.12/1 "Elza Mayhew - orig. outs"
U998.41.12/2 "Work print Elza & Ricki"
U998.41.12/3 "Elza - camera orig."
U998.41.12/4 "Elza - orig. outs"
U998.41.12/5 "Elza Mayhew - First version, ok to project"
U998.41.12/6 "Elza Mayhew - Music tracks x2"
U998.41.12/7 "Elza - mixed outs orig."
U998.41.12/8 "Elza sound track"
U998.41.12/9 "Elza - First Version"

BOX 13: Ricki Ciccimarra

"Steelhead River" - This international prize-winning film from 1964 shows Ricki Ciccimarra as the great fly fisherman on the Cowichan River. Longest running fishing film in the National Film Board’s library. There are two versions - the first, 26 minutes, is preferred by Karl Spreitz over the second, government version, 12 minutes.

"Brown Trout" - Fishing for brown trout on the Cowichan River in 1968. Ricki Ciccimarra is fly tying while Vicky Husband helps. The film captures the black ant hatch on the river (very rarely filmed). Ciccimarra catches three 6-lb brown trout.

U998.41.13/1 "Ricki"
U998.41.13/2 "Steelhead - gov’t version"
U998.41.13/3 "Steelhead River - orig outs"
U998.41.13/4 "Steelhead River - Silent"
U998.41.13/5 "Ciccimarra Brown Trout - 45 min."
U998.41.13/6 "Ricki Ciccimarra - Brown Trout - original"

BOX 14: TV Commercials

- Mixed one-minute TV commercials.

U998.41.14/1 "Coca Cola Ski Lodge"


(No title)
U998.41.14/2 "Heart Fund" U998.41.14/30 "Steadfast Tin Soldier"
U998.41.14/3 "Ice Capades ‘Fog’" U998.41.14/31 "Tower Air Shots"
U998.41.14/4 "Spot" U998.41.14/32 (No title)


"Cheer" U998.41.14/33 "Head Wild"
U998.41.14/6 "Nescafe - similarity street" U998.41.14/34 "Radio CJVI, Hunter 20’’ long"
U998.41.14/7 "Ivory Liquid" U998.41.14/35 "Commercials"
U998.41.14/8 (No title) U998.41.14/36 "First BC Ferries"


(No title)


(No title)
U998.41.14/10 "Saf. Roundup" U998.41.14/38 "O.H.M."
U998.41.14/11 "Bonjour Can." U998.41.14/39 "Suburban"
U998.41.14/12 "Acme Peat # 2 Flowers" U998.41.14/40 (No title)
U998.41.14/13 (No title) U998.41.14/41 "Vic Van"
U998.41.14/14 "London" U998.41.14/42 "Colony"


"Suburban Motors - Trucks 60s" U998.41.14/43 "Welsh Guard"
U998.41.14/16 "Sleggs - 60s #1" U998.41.14/44 "BCAC"
U998.41.14/17 (No title) U998.41.14/45 "Empress # 3"
U998.41.14/18 "BBC Buildings"


U998.41.14/19 "Varathane # 4" U998.41.14/47 "Dances Helicopter"
U998.41.14/20 "Colony Motor" U998.41.14/48 (No title)
U998.41.14/21 "Empress" U998.41.14/49 "Garden City"


"LILLICO - head #1586 # 5 Spot A-Roll" U998.41.14/50 "B-Roll # 6 Spot #1586"
U998.41.14/23 (No title) U998.41.14/51 "Ice Cream Bar"
U998.41.14/24 "Early Edison CPR Footage - Train Eastering Town" U998.41.14/52 (No title)
U998.41.14/25 "Oak Bay Footwear - 60s Silent" U998.41.14/53 "LILLICO - head #1586 # 5 spot B-Roll"
U998.41.14/26 "ALPHA SYNG A-Roll" U998.41.14/54 "Olympics - Neg 1:00"
U998.41.14/27 "CJVI" U998.41.14/55 "LILLICO A-Roll # 6 Spot #1586"
U998.41.14/28 "Cunningham"    


BOX 15: Karl’s Shorts

U998.41.15/1 "Karl’s Dog in Oak Bay"
U998.41.15/2 "Loan Hammond"
U998.41.15/3 "Karl’s Flip Movie, 1968"
U998.41.15/4 "Queen is not coming"
U998.41.15/5 "Queen 1957"
U998.41.15/6 "How the West Was Won, promo for CTV license 1971"
U998.41.15/7 "Karl’s 1950 Games Brussels"


BOX 16: No Title

U998.41.16/1 "Elza Mayhew A&B Roll camera org."
U998.41.16/2 "Mixed 60 min."
U998.41.16/3 "Royal Hudson"
U998.41.16/4 "Commercials - Mixed 60 min."
U998.41.16/5 "Coho on the Fly"

BOX 17

U998.41.17.1 "Bali outs orig."

+ approx. 23 empty 16mm projector reels, 1 empty 8mm projector reel, and approx. 50 lab cores