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"Ninstints" - (1983) This film is about Anthony Island in the Queen Charlottes. It is a World Heritage site credited for having the largest number of totems still standing in their original location. The film deals with the removal of 20 totems in 1957 by a group of anthropologists and natives, including Bill Reid. Those totems were taken to be housed in museums in British Columbia. the film depicts conservation workers trying to preserve this heritage. A Spreitz/Husband Production.

Producer: Vicky Husband; Picture, Editing: Karl Spreitz; Sound: Patrick Pothier; Script: Colin Browne

U998.41.11/1 "B&W NINSTINTS 1957"
U998.41.11/2 "NINSTINTS - orig. outs"
U998.41.11/3 (No title)
U998.41.11/4 "NINSTINTS out"
U998.41.11/5 "NINSTINTS out"
U998.41.11/6 "Outs - NINSTINTS"
U998.41.11/7 (No title)
U998.41.11/8 "Reel outs Feb. 15"
U998.41.11/9 "NINSTINS A&B negative"
U998.41.11/10 "NINSTINTS - orig. outs"
U998.41.11/11 "HAIDA - 2 talking heads"
U998.41.11/12 "NINSTINSTS - old 1957"
U998.41.11/13 "NINSTINTS"
U998.41.11/14 "NINSTINTS B&W"
U998.41.11/15 "NINSTINTS - outs"
U998.41.11/16 "NINSTINTS - outs"
U998.41.11/17 "NINSTINTS - 1957 - old footage"
U998.41.11/18 "NINSTINTS B&W 1957"

BOX 12: Elza Mayhew

This film shows the making of The Column of the Sea, a bronze sculpture by Elza Mayhew. We see Mayhew in Victoria with a cataloguing of her previous work. She is in conversation with Ricki Ciccimarra, and Bob de Castro. Depicts the pioneering the styrofoam casting process; casting in bronze at Ferno’s Ironworks, Eugene, Oregon; the finishing, assembling, and the final installation of the work.

Elza Mayhew work in progress, from the film Time-Markers: The Sculpture of Elza Mayhew.

Produced by Karl Spreitz and Anne Mayhew

U998.41.12/1 "Elza Mayhew - orig. outs"
U998.41.12/2 "Work print Elza & Ricki"
U998.41.12/3 "Elza - camera orig."
U998.41.12/4 "Elza - orig. outs"
U998.41.12/5 "Elza Mayhew - First version, ok to project"
U998.41.12/6 "Elza Mayhew - Music tracks x2"
U998.41.12/7 "Elza - mixed outs orig."
U998.41.12/8 "Elza sound track"
U998.41.12/9 "Elza - First Version"

BOX 13: Ricki Ciccimarra

"Steelhead River" - This international prize-winning film from 1964 shows Ricki Ciccimarra as the great fly fisherman on the Cowichan River. Longest running fishing film in the National Film Board’s library. There are two versions - the first, 26 minutes, is preferred by Karl Spreitz over the second, government version, 12 minutes.

"Brown Trout" - Fishing for brown trout on the Cowichan River in 1968. Ricki Ciccimarra is fly tying while Vicky Husband helps. The film captures the black ant hatch on the river (very rarely filmed). Ciccimarra catches three 6-lb brown trout.

U998.41.13/1 "Ricki"
U998.41.13/2 "Steelhead - gov’t version"
U998.41.13/3 "Steelhead River - orig outs"
U998.41.13/4 "Steelhead River - Silent"
U998.41.13/5 "Ciccimarra Brown Trout - 45 min."
U998.41.13/6 "Ricki Ciccimarra - Brown Trout - original"


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