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BOX 08: Artists - Myfanwy Pavelic 1of 2

The introduction of the film features Kathryn Hepburn and shows Pavelic’s working process of drawing, painting, and collages. Set in the artist’s studio and home with visiting guests such as Yehudi Menuhin, Paul Horn and others.

U998.41.8/1 "Myfanwy - shortends - camera original"
U998.41.8/2 "Myfanwy and Yehudi in studio"
U998.41.8/3 "Myfanwy at CHEK TV & Sidney orig."
U998.41.8/4 "Myfanwy - orig # 1"
U998.41.8/5 "Myfanwy - 500 ft orig. #2"
U998.41.8/6 "Head Karl Spreitz ‘Portrait of Myfanwy’ Rev. mix Aug 19/90, 960ft, old mix"
U998.41.8/7 "Myfanwy work print"
U998.41.8/8 "Myfanwy - SFX & Narration"
U998.41.8/9 "Myfanwy A/B Rolls - orig. colour"

BOX 09: Myfanwy Pavelic, 2 of 2

Pavelic's favourite photograph by Spreitz
U998.41.9/1 "Myf. Orig. #4"
U998.41.9/2 "Original Myfanwy #2"
U998.41.9/3 "Orignial Myfanwy #3"
U998.41.9/4 "Myfanwy Studio & Mary orig. outs"
U998.41.9/5 "Myfanwy orig. #5"
U998.41.9/6 "Myfanwy - sound track"
U998.41.9/7 "Myfanwy - studio - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/8 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/9 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/10 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/11 "Myfanwy final voice audio"
U998.41.9/12 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/13 "Myfanwy - orig. outs"
U998.41.9/14 (loose working notes of Karl Spreitz)

BOX 10: Artists - Herbert Siebner
see BOX 5 for more

"Herbert Siebner and John Manning" - Filmed on John Manning’s sailboat after his return from England. The film features the two men discussing Siebner’s art. This complete conversation is also available in Herbert Siebner’s first book, Colour, Line and Form printed by Manning Press, 1970.

"Don’t" - (1961) Filmed by Karl Spreitz and Herbert Siebner at beaver Lake, Victoria. Experimental film starring Siebner, Bob de Castro, Nita Forrest, Michael Morris, Pam Butcher, Sally Gregson, and others. 26 minutes.

"Herbert Siebner and Peter Forrest" - (1968) 6 minutes.

"The Wall" - Narrative by Herbert Siebner, 6 minutes.

Bob de Castro featured in the film Don't
U998.41.10/1 "Herbert Siebner & J. Manning - orig."
U998.41.10/2 "’Don’t’ - Siebner orig. B&W"
U998.41.10/3 "Herbert & Peter Forrest"
U998.41.10/4 "Wall - orig."


Boxes - 1-3, Bali | 4-5, BC | 6-7, BC History
8-10, Artists | 11-13, BC Art | 14-17, TV