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Kim Reinhardt - research with Karl Spreitz, cataloguing the collection, writing
Rebecca Michaels, Kim Reinhardt - web design and layout
Martin Segger - Director of the Maltwood Museum, Project Supervisor


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Other Works by Karl Spreitz in the Maltwood Collection

Spreitz, Karl Good Way to Make Heads Turn Mixed Media U976.5.1
Spreitz, Karl Maybe the Rooster Came First Gouache; Surrealist U996.25.100
Spreitz, Karl Where Do You Want to Go? Gouache; Surrealist U996.25.101
Spreitz, Karl Untitled Still-life U996.25.102
Spreitz, Karl Untitled Screen, Silkscreen U996.25.103
Spreitz, Karl Unmasked Clown Acrylic; Portrait U996.25.53
Siebner, Herbert; Spreitz, Karl Untitled Serigraph U996.25.85
Spreitz, Karl Look What My Girdle Did To Me Ink; Female Figures U996.25.94
Spreitz, Karl Government Drinking Fountain Screen, Silkscreen U996.25.95
Spreitz, Karl Untitled Oil; Surrealist U996.25.96
Spreitz, Karl Untitled Figure U996.25.97
Spreitz, Karl Self-Propelled Mixed Media U996.25.98
Spreitz, Karl Behind the Barn Gouache; Lanscape U996.25.99