Two of the miniature paintings in the "Arts and Everyday Life" display were donated to the University in 1995 by Dr. Eric and Clara Belle Webb. Both show aspects of daily life as represented in the Middle East. These were purchased by the Webbs in Isfahen (Emami Naghash, Saray Helek Bazaar).

No Pic U995.15.18
Untitled, Encampment and Hunting scene
Fakhre Emami
Ivory; Wood; Paint
Iran (Isfahan), 20th century

A scene depicting an encampment with hunters has been painted on an irregular slice of ivory which is mounted on a green velvet backing. The frame is of geometric inlay of coloured woods and ivory.
Untitled, Hunting scene
Fakhre Emami
Ivory; Wood; Paint
Iran (Isfahan), 20th century

This miniature painting on ivory shows two hunters on horseback accompanied by a dog in pursuit of two large cats and two deer. It is mounted on green velvet and framed with wood decorated by mosaic inlay.
Two of the works in the "Arts and Everyday Life" display are by members of the Society of Limners, formed in Victoria in 1971. Maxwell Bates was the president until his death in 1980.
Maxwell Bates
Oil; Board
Canada, n.d.
No Pic U993.7.137
Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic
Charcoal; Paper

Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic was one of the founding members of the Society of Limners. This drawing was part of a donation of her work received by the University in 1993.

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