Two works by Myfanway Spencer Pavelic are included in the Arts and Leisure display. They portray people in occupations associated with leisure activities, or show people engaged in enjoyment of leisure their leisure time. These are part of the donation of works received in 1993.

Bibliography: Lindberg, Ted, A Portrait by Myfanwy; Menuhin, Yehudi, "Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic" in World Link, Feb. 1987; Skelton, Robin, et. al., The Limners; Graham, Colin, Relationships: Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic; Hardman, Jack, Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic: A Selection of Works, 1950-1978 - Catalog, Burnaby Art Gallery; Knight, Katherine and Carol DeFina, Altered Ego: Works by Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic; (Copies of each in binder in Gallery Library).

No Pic U993.7.98
Double Reflection (Max & Niki Playing Chess)
Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic

Portraits of artist Maxwell Bates and Myfanwy Pavelic's husband, Niki.
Max's Birthday Party
Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic
Watercolour; Charcoal