SoundAs you arrive by canoe in the Gitksan area of the Tsimshian Nation, you feel strong gravitational pulls. Your canoe moves swiftly around in tight circles. You are caught in a whirlpool of water. Then, the waters calm and you are gently pushed ashore by the waves. As you walk along the beach outside of a small village, you see a man running your way. He appears to be rejoicing and very happy about something. He then runs right by you, still jumping and laughing. You ask another member of the tribe what that was all about and he replies, "That's Robert Sebastian. He's an artist in our community; he always gets excited when the medicine man's power is working."


"The medicine man's power?" you ask.

"Yes. This whirlpool of wind is a significant sign to the medicine man because it tells him if his healing power is working. If you do not pay attention, you could miss it."

You realize that is what you felt in your canoe. Robert Sebastian returns, in a more calm manner. He tells you, "When one is in touch with native medicine, animals or elements come to them and give them power. The energy appears but it will go by you and you'll miss it. If you see it, you'll know someone is coming to visit."


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