You wander through a dark forest. The brooding trees form a canopy over the invisible path you are trying to follow. Suddenly, you see a flash of light which zooms above your head, leaving a trail of glitter in the air. You are dazzled by this glitter so you follow its trail to a hole in a tree. You peer inside, and through the blackness, you see a magnificent white bird glowing brilliantly in the darkness.

RavenThe bird emerges and you see that it is a white raven. As you talk with the raven, you convince it to light your way and guide you through the forest. The brightness of the bird only makes the dark in the wood seem all the more black. The trees groan in the breeze that you cannot feel down on the ground. They seem to be moaning, "Beware. Be Careful." You disregard your fear and continue your journey. You travel far before dawn begins to creep along the horizon. The raven finally speaks and tells you of his hatred for the sun. He feels that he should be the only one who possesses light in this world. The more the sun shines, the less he is needed to guide people. He confides to you that he built a huge box to encase the entire village and block the sun from the people. You try to explain to the bird that such extreme action is unneccesary because he will always be appreciated for his helping heart. The white raven sees your advice as a lack of support. He swiftly lifts the huge box high above the trees and over the village. Shadow looms over the bighouses like a solar eclipse.

The box is big; the raven is small. He doesn't account for the enormous strength it would take to lift this box over the village. Before the raven and the box have completely covered the village sky, they both fall to the ground. The village is safe but the box lands over a fire, trapping the raven inside of it. Out of the goodness of their hearts, the people run to release the raven. Instead of the brilliant white raven they expect, all they find is a miserable black bird; he is charred by the smoke of the fire. The black raven flutters out from under the box and flees into the black forest never to be seen again, except in shadows.


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