Night is falling and you need to rest your body and mind. You encounter an open area in the forest and you hear wolves howling around you. You are scared and begin to panic. Then you notice a cave at the end of this open area. The howling grows louder and you see that you are surrounded by wolves.

The wolves close in on you and you are thinking that you are about to meet your maker as they force you into the cave. It is dark and cold inside. At the end of the passage, a wolf sits by the fire, wrapped in a blanket. He tells you to join him and offers you food. You realize that the wolves are your friends. The elder wolf gazes steadily at you with his wise, grey eyes and tells you a story.

"I speak of humans, young person. Please listen carefully, for we need your help and there is much you need to know. The Wolf clan was needed to make dancing blankets for the Raven clan, which was important for bringing the children back into the culture. It is the Tlingit way to always help when help is needed, so naturally, they offered to help. The Raven family greatly wished to repay the Wolf clan in a potlatch. One of the Raven members really wanted to repay them somehow, but he was unsure of what to do. He was Dempsey Bob, a teacher in the community. We wolves, who often visit the village, noticed that this man was in great need of inspiration. One day, when Dempsey was leaving from teaching in Telegraph Bay, he stopped at the foot of the hill. As he gazed into the moonlight shining above, he saw a wolf on the hill, sitting strong and content. While witnessing this awesome sight, Dempsey was immediately inspired to make a print of this scene. Only 150 prints were produced. They are each sacred and would be used only to repay the Wolf family. Unfortunately, a great tragedy has occurred. These prints are missing. We strongly suspect that the fox has unfairly acquired them for his personal collection. Human, it is your task to find the fox's lair and return these sacred prints to their rightful owners."

You resume your journey, fully hoping to help the Raven and Wolf clans by returning the prints. The journey is grueling; you are hungry and tired as you have been travelling for so long that the wolves' gifts of food have run out. Eventually, a small white Ptarmigan looks like it is leading you toward a hole in the ground. You decide to use nature as your guide and you follow the bird to the entrance. You climb through the small, damp hole. You have succeeded! The fox is not home and there is artwork everywhere. Your challenge, however, has just begun. You cannot possibly carry all of the art that the fox has hoarded. You must decide which print is Dempsey Bob's and you must decide quickly before the fox gets home.


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