You return the print to Dempsey Bob himself so that he may return it to its owner. He is very grateful and offers you food and shelter before continuing on your journey. You have some very interesting discussions in your time with him. Some highlights of things he has said:

"You have to be original as an artist. It is the values that are traditional."

"Once you forget the land, you forget your place."

"Where you live is important to how you think."

"Life is what we do most honestly."

"My art is slowly evolving. I'm trying to make it real to our people today." "If you stop learning, you're finished. It's not worse or better, it's just like quitting."

"Tradition evolves. Live life. If you're not growing, you're dying. Your art has to have life. That's why it has to reflect today."

"Everything traditional was once contemporary."



Some interesting issues arise from these discussions. Dempsey's statements cause you to think about how to define "tradition". His print "Cheona" has some untraditional, hence innovative elements. For example, Tlingit art is most often of a square or rectangular format and includes fine detail. "Cheona" deviates from this standard. With Dempsey Bob's departure from tradition, would you say:

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