SoundPhotographYou are walking along the beautiful sandy beach that stretches many miles of Nuu-chah-nulth land. You wander toward the trees and notice an eagle's tail feather drifting in the air and slowly falling toward the sand. You immediately chase after it and try to snatch it from the air. Just as you stretch your arm out to grasp this feather, the wind pushes it far back into the woods. You walk along the sand, disappointed about losing the feather. You turn the corner and encounter a bay where you hear the crashing of the waves against the shore. The tide is very strong and rises quickly before it goes back down.

You decide to rest and have a seat on a log by the shore. The sound of a raven in the trees behind you is irritating. As you look at the water, you see the tide push an octopus up on the beach. This octopus would stay on the beach until the tide came in again to take it back to sea.

Image Big The raven notices the octopus on the beach and is so fascinated by it, he becomes obsessed with her. He swoops down beside the octopus and hops all around her saying, "Oh, I love you, I love you, I want to be with you". The octopus becomes incredibly irritated by this pesky raven.

One day, the octopus notices the tide is far out but coming in quickly. Suddenly she is very nice to the raven. She throws her tentacles around him and hangs on tightly as the tide comes in. The raven doesn't like this and begins to panic, "Let me go!"

"But I thought you loved me. You want to be with me forever so I'm taking you home."

"No! I don't want to go!" the raven cried.

The tide came up and the octopus took the raven into the water where he drowned.

After witnessing this intriguing scene between these two creatures, you continue on through the forest.

The eagle feather returns; it weaves from the sky through the air above you. You see it and you want it even more than you ever did.


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