You choose to go with the tide and you travel for a long time in your canoe. You eventually hit land and you walk to a small village. There are rows of houses from which you hear beautiful singing. As you enter the house, all singing stops. You ask for the great chief who can give you salmon. They look at you very strange and ask you to come in. They sit you down and cater to your needs but you keep asking for salmon. They still do not respond and you become very uneasy. Eventually, a figure who appears to be the chief emerges. He says a prayer and asks you what you are doing in their land. You begin to tell him your story of your peoples' need for salmon. The chief replies that they have no salmon and that they can barely feed themselves. He suggests that you try the northwest coast; he has heard that there is much salmon there. You realize that you have fully gone the exact opposite direction that you should have. You are presently visiting with a Polynesian tribe from Hawaii!

Add 2 days to your journey and take different route.


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