Big House
Reaching the island, you beach your canoe and disembark. Further up the shore, you notice a Big House and signs of activity. As you approach it, a man comes forward and invites you inside to witness the Potlatch of the Bell family.
SoundInside, you are seated beside an elderly man who is a member of the Bell family. You ask him where you are, and he says that you are on Village Island, Mamalilikala. Then, he tells you about the salmon dance which is about to start.


The Salmon Legend

As told by Chief J.J. Wallace Nsmugwis

A wise and powerful chief possessed a magic canoe. Many people were jealous of the chief's wisdom and power, so he was eventually forced to live alone with his family on top of the cliff.

The chief had a son who was of age to be married but he did not want just any girl to marry his son. The chief wanted a marriage that would help provide food for his tribe, for they had come to hard times and were often hungry. The Chief had heard of a wonderful fish called "Salmon" that dwelled on the other side of our world. So he announced to his tribe down below, "I want my son to marry the daughter of the Salmon Chief, who lives far across to ocean. We will travel on my canoe to where the Salmon people live."

They got into their magic canoe and headed in the direction of the Salmon people. As they travelled into the Pacific Ocean they encountered a large whirlpool and were caught in it. As they went along they were caught in it.

The whirlpool rapidly spun the canoe in circles making the Chief and his people confused about their direction. They were disoriented and lost. Since this was a magical canoe the Chief had put his paddle into the water telling the canoe where he wanted to go. Nothing had happened and they were not going anywhere. The whirlpool had taken all Power from the canoe.

The Chief noticed that the tide was carrying them in one direction, the crew was scared that they may be going into the direction which would not bring them to the Salmon people. They had to make some decisions, whether they would go with the tide or against it.

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