Reg Davidson

Reg Davidson is a Haida artist who was born in Masset (Queen Charlotte Islands) on August 19, 1954. When he was 18 years old he began as a self employed artist. Many members of his family are artists and over time Reg began to understand what the singing and dancing meant to his culture. This understanding changed the way he thought about many elements. Learning more about his culture influenced Reg as an artist. His main interests are in gold, silver, wood, print, painting, drums, and weaving. In 1977, he apprenticed under Master Carver Robert Davidson on the Charles Edenshaw memorial panel which now stands as the house front on the long house in Masset. Reg enjoys working in wood and has produced several poles and sculptures. Reg believes that once you learn the rules about the tradition of the art you are able to bend them..."Understand that what I'm doing now is still growing and still alive, stuff now is traditional and will still be in 100 years". In August, 1980, Malaspina College on Vancouver Island commissioned Reg to create a totem pole for presentation to the Tamagawa University of Japan. With the help of Robert Davidson, they created a 31 foot, 3 figure eagle crest during the fall of 1980. He and Robert then went to Japan to perform the dedication ceremony in January of 1981. With regard to innovation, Reg says, "The masters pushed it to the max., doing new things" His style is different, it shows great reverence for masters. As most, Reg's style has changed slightly over the years. He feels that he understands the rules more, "simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve". His art reflects his personal life. Reg loves and enjoys art, " is my life. I do it for my enjoyment. I don't worry about the money". His advice and something to be aware of is that often people don't realize how long it takes to "get there" or understand marketing. "A craftsman is a technician, an artist may always work with a mistake".


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