Acceptance is key. To not run by the clock and live by the schedule of nature takes acceptance and trust. Because of this ultimate gain in understanding, you have completed the cycle of your journey. You are back in winter, in the element of water, where you began. The eagle that you were when your journey began would have thought it futile to end at the beginning. But through your earned wisdom, you see it as the ultimate achievement. Add only 1 day onto your journey.

The image on your left reflects your achievement; it maps your journey to the four corners of the world and your experience with the elements of water, earth, fire and air. To complete the image, you must understand what should be in the center of the four corners. "The seasons reflect our life. We must connect with the earth and not run by the clock." Reg Davidson.

You have learned this first hand. Your experience represents wisdom. Thus, the symbol in the center should illustrate this knowledge. What should it be?


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