The cold autumn air blows the dried leaves off their branches. The leaves fall, forming a nest for the tumbled seeds. Those which escape the fate of being nutrients for fattening wildlife become further embedded in the hardening autumn soil. The cold air which you have brought to this land assists in the preservation of life. The seeds will sleep in hibernation, protected by the earth and air. Your choice is successful, add only 1 day. Where you should feel joy, you are confused, Eagle. Having part human mind, you must analyze, question, and if needed, change. The fire is waning now, summer leaves you. You have tasted living blood and you question the complexity of this life you are born into. You question the brutality of nature and now cold autumn air lurches beneath your feathers, tickling your down like a series of ice needles. You sit atop a massive spruce shivering in fear.
To survive this wind and successfully ascend back to the beginning of the cycle, you must:

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