The fire melts the ice. You have carried the heat of the summer sun into this winter corner and now spring has begun. You are successful on this part of the journey. Add only 1 day.

You are happy now, Eagle. Spring is beautiful and exciting. You fully experience the birth and renewal of this season. The ice has melted and you can see the earth, the womb of all living things. For the first time in your life, you smell the fertility of the earth. You see the abundance of birth in birds, insects and plants.

Suddenly, the life is destroyed nearly as quickly as it was born. For every four animals born, three are killed by some merciless predator. Your partially human heart is breaking but your animal body is hungry. Before you are aware of what has even happened, you have swiftly skimmed the river surface and latched a salty, silver salmon in your talons. You eat and your appetite is appeased. But you are confused. The life which you stole will never propagate. You captured a living thing in the midst of its spawn, its own journey in its struggle to continue its life. You need to move on to the land of summer but have no desire to continue until you can resolve this issue.

What is this killing an example of?

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