Our lives as humans are often driven by the almighty clock. In a natural world, we are governed more by the forces of nature, by cycles: the sun, the moon, the seasons; and by the balance of male and female. Eagle, you are on a quest to attain a visual image which illustrates all of these elements. You begin in a corner of the world that is cold, a world of water, frozen to immobility. All is in stasis, unmoving and unliving...but not dead. It is only preserved by the immutable protection of the ice. Seeds rest in the frozen soil beneath, awaiting the spring thaw through which they may be fed by water and eased into growth.

You know no time, only cold and darkness. The sun visits little at this time of year so you must bring the sun to this land of ice and help to stimulate spring. Where do you go now?
To the corner of the world which contains:

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