The medicine man shows you a brew he has been making. "It will attract eagles", he says. Suddenly, you see a graceful eagle land on a tree outside. It seems so at home in the background of the trees. It is not the painted bird you had expected to find. It is natural, flowing and graceful. The medicine man's brew lures the eagle through the open window. The eagle appeals to you, "Please, do not force me to return against my will." You answer, "I promise I will not. But I am here to help you realize the honour you hold in permanently residing atop the Chancellor's chair. You are a representative of all your kind, and you, eagle, represents knowledge and wisdom. You may sit on your perch forever overlooking the ceremony of education. I say this for no good other than your own and those students and viewers who will gaze upon you."

The brew was only strong enough to lure the eagle inside. It is your words which convince the eagle to return with you. It guides you safely back to the University where it happily resumes its perch at the top of the Chancellor's chair.


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