The Chancellor's furniture is almost complete, however you are still missing several pieces of the chair. The Haida artist, Don Yeomans, carved the chair sides and lower front of the chair. On these pieces you find eagles on each side and a bear on the front. You learn that the eagles were placed there for purely decorative purposes, so you decide to pursue the bear. You go deep into the forest, following a trail abalone shells. You encounter a plump bear, holding a wood panel which looks like a mask. He sees you and knows exactly what you are here for.

"I need to return this to its rightful home" you say.

He challenges you be saying, "Do you really know who the rightful owner is? Which nation is this from?"

You proudly respond, "Haida."

The bear looks confused. He is bewildered that you have answered so certainly. He says, "But these are not traditional Haida colours. Why would you say that?"

What are "traditional Haida colours"?