Hummingbird You continue your flight through Coast Salish land. As you fly, you see a hummingbird. This hummingbird is very quick; it can fly forward, backward, or hover in mid-air! Being a Raven, you can only move forward and must land frequently for a rest. The hummingbird symbolizes good fortune to all hunters and travellers; it provides guidance for them. It could provide guidance for you as well, Raven, but you are too envious of its numerous gifts to pay attention to what it has to offer you.

You fly along, wallowing in your jealously. Then you encounter a beautiful piece of art which lays battered and forgotten in the mud of a horse trail. You sweep down and grasp it in your beak (this is also a good time for a rest). On the back it says, "Property of Joe Wilson, Cowichan reserve." Although you consider keeping this print for yourself, you know you must return it. But you have no idea how to get to Cowichan reserve.

As you ponder this dilemma, you see the hummingbird again. It looks as if it wishes to speak to you. You:

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