This is the hummingbird you saw. Joe Wilson is known for producing innovative designs within the boundaries of traditional Salish art. A traditional element of this image is the representation of the eye. Other nations depict eyes using an ovoid shape while Salish eyes tend to be circular. The green circle is an egg. The eye in the egg contains the traditional element of disjoined lines which form a crescent shape.

An innovative element of this image is Joe Wilson's use of colour: the teal green and French blue are not traditional Salish colours. His use of space is also innovative. It is generally uncommon to most First Nations' art to have unfilled spaces such as what you see on the hummingbird's underbelly and neck.

GoCongratulations on your successful observation. The hummingbird continues to lead you to Cowichan were you meet Joe Wilson and return his print. The community is thankful and invites you into their longhouse where they perform a welcome song. You are rested and fed, then you continue your journey with the blessing of the hummingbird.


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