The Coast Salish Nation


Coast Salish village. > 30 kB

The Coast Salish are quite different from the other First Nations of the B.C. coast. Their weather is the most mild of all the coastal nations of B.C. and their resources the most varied. The ranking for the other nations is also much more defined. Because of the mild climate and bountiful resources, the land of the Coast Salish became the most inhabited by European peoples. The two most populous cities in B.C., Vancouver and Victoria, are in Coast Salish land. This has had a large effect on the culture of the Coast Salish. Coast Salish art was nearly forgotten as European peoples picked the Native art style that appealed to them the most and neglected all others. The use of art in ceremony also diminished as ceremonies were outlawed and children required to attend residential schools where they could not learn the ceremonies. Neither the culture nor art died, and there has since been a revival of Coast Salish culture and Coast Salish art.



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