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This website is an interactive educational art game. Played in full the game will take approximately 2.5 hours. You may wish to encourage students to complete the game in segments. After successful completion of each nation, players will receive a printable diploma to help them keep a record of which nations they have completed.

Be sure the computer you use is equipped with Netscape 2.0 or higher and a helper application or plug-in (click here) capable of playing AIFF sound files.

The questions were designed to accommodate a variety of learning levels and styles so that ideally, all minds may be stimulated and achieve success. The challenges in this game may also be used for exam preparation for any subject area. The questions encourage players to be aware of what they see and read and then to illustrate their immediate understanding. This is similar to the process-oriented provincial exams for English 12. Overall, we hope we have created a learning resource which combines entertainment, education and technology. Enjoy!

- Omdrea Boland


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