As told by Ken Mowatt

"It was the early times, and the world we lived in was dark. There was no sun in the sky, no moon and no stars. Wegyet (raven), thought it unfair that chief La'Haa' would be sole proprietor of the ball which was the sun. Wegyet wanted the sun so he set about securing it for his own longhouse. Wegyet watched La'Haa's routine for several days and noted that his daughter, the princess, drank water from the same pond each day. One day, Wegyet flew to the pond where the princess drank. He quickly turned himself into a pine needle and dropped into the water. He was soon digested by the princess when she drank her water.

Weeks later, the princess was pregnant and soon gave birth to a son. The boy grew very quickly and wanted to play with the shiny ball in the box. The chief reluctantly allowed the boy to play with his prized possession.

In time, the chief learned to trust the grandson and left him to play alone. The boy, (being Wegyet) saw his chance; he quickly changed into Raven. With the sun in his beak, he escaped through the smoke hole. In Wegyet's haste, he dropped the sun which broke into many pieces. The brightest piece being the sun, the largest the moon, and the countless little pieces, the stars.

Wegyet was unhappy in not owning the sun but he was satisfied that now he can see the world on which he will surely walk."

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