Tony Hunt

A chief of the Kwagu people at Fort Rupert, Tony Hunt is also highly respected for his knowledge in art. He is also part Tlingit ancestry. Tony began as an artist at a very young age with his grandfather and father. He moved to Victoria with his family where they made a living by carving at Thunderbird Park. After the death of his grandfather and father, Tony apprenticed under the talent of his own knowledge and experience with his family.

Tony travelled the world; he went to Germany and other parts of Europe. He became very well known in England for carving a totem for Queen Elizabeth. Tony has a distinctive artistic style combined with his elders' influences. Tony is also greatfully known to the northern tribes for retrieving many art forms that were once dying. He also moved into jewellery where he became very well known for his rings and bracelets.

Today Tony is focussed less on his art and concentrates on being Chief for his people. He has done a considerable amount of good for his people.

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