Ken Mowatt

Ken Mowatt was born in 1944 in the small community of Kitanmax between the Skeena and Buckley Rivers. He is of Gitksan ancestry from the Tsimshian Nation and is a member of the House of Djokaslee (Frog Crest). Like many of his generation, he was raised by his grandparents who, through stories, myths and legends, tried to give him a sense of knowledge about the traditional life style of their people.

Ken began working with Northwest Coast art in 1970. He studied at the 'Ksan school where he came to appreciate the importance of working together with other artists as he acquired experience with Vernon Stephens, Earl Muldoe and Walter Harris. Above all, he was interested not only in learning the art of his ancestors, but also in developing it further to make his own contribution to traditional Tsimshian art. He has since become an instructor at 'Ksan in silkscreening and wood carving. Ken has a deep sense of the spirituality of his people which he eloquently expresses in his graphic work as well as his carving. His sensitivity to form and figures has made him one of the most expressive artists of the Northwest Coast. Proof of his dedication can be seen in the numerous totem poles, masks, bowls and wooden shields, as well as his silkscreen prints that he has produced. Ken has worked in private, corporate and public collections in North America and Europe.

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