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    ACSys Australia Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Computational Systems

    Cyberterm Project, Australia Multi-user PC based virtual environment

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    Ars Electronica Center Museum of the Future

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    COMPASS - Online Multimedia Presentations

    European Multimedia Forum

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    Universiti Brunei Darussalam Educational Technology Centre

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    Hong Kong Baptist University Centre for Educational Development

    Hong Kong Institute of Education Educational Technology Services Centre

    Hong Kong Polytechnic University Media Resources and Services

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Educational Technology Centre

    Lingnan College Educational Technology and Development Centre

    Nanyang Technological University Centre for Educational Development

    University of Hong Kong Centre for Media Resources

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    Ministry of Research and Information

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    Tampere University of Technology Virtual Environments Research Group

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    French National Institute for Research in Computer Science INRIA - Syntim Research Project

    University of Nancy CRIN - CNRS and INRIA Lorraine

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    Aachen University of Technology

    European Computer Industry Research Centre User Interaction and Visualization Group

    Fraunhofer Institutes Computer Graphics (IGD) Virtual Reality Demonstration Centre

    GMD - German National Research Program Institute for Applied Information Technology - FIT

    Institute for Media Communication - IMK Centre for Information Technology

    Karlsruhe Institut fur Angewandte Infomatik KISMET - Kinematic Simulation for Telerobotics

    Max Planck Institut fur Biologische Kybernetik

    University of Bremen-CeVis Centre for Complex Systems and Visualization

    University of Weimar Virtual Atelier at the Bauhaus

    Visualization and Media Systems Design (VMSD)

    ZGDV Project Group for Augmented Reality

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    Technical University of Crete

    University of Ioannina Education EARTH

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    University of Iceland

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    University College, Dublin

    University of Dublin, Trinity College Distributed Systems Group

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    University of Haifa Library Media Department

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    Centro Auxologico Italiano Applied Technology Lab

    European Health Telematics Observatory

    Instituto di Cultura (ITC) Interactive Room Project

    Sant'Anna School of University Studies Perceptual Robotics (PERCRO)

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    Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute International

    Keio University Science and Technology Media Centre

    Nara Institute of Science and Technology

    Tokyo University Tachi Lab, Cybernetic Systems Laboratory

    Ishii-Hirose Lab (IHL)

    TransVision A Collaborative Augmented Reality Testbed

    Sony Computer Science Laboratory

    University of Aizu Shape Modeling and Computer Graphics

    University of Tsukuba IWATA Lab World Virtual Reality Laboratory

    Educational Media Centre

    University of Waikato School of Education Media Centre

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    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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    Centre de Recherche Public - Henri Tudor Multimedia Engineering Laboratory

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    New Zealand

    Lincoln University Education Centre

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    Telenor Research and Development Applied Media Technology

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    Grupo de Anlise de Sistemas Ambientais

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    Information Technology Institute

    Institute of Systems Science (ISS)

    National University of Singapore Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning Institute of Microelectronics

    Institute of Systems Science Centre for Educational Technology Singapore Digital Media Consortium

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    South Africa

    University of Pretoria Academic Support Services Centre

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    Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual

    Valencia University - ARTEC Advanced Research and Technological Expansion

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    Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne Computer Graphics Lab (LIG)

    Institute for Computer Communications and Applications

    ETH Zurich Institute for Scientific Computing Computer Graphics Research Group (CGRG)

    IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

    University of Geneva MIRALab Virtual Reality and Telepresence


    University of Lausanne Centre Audiovisuel

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    Tuughai University Audio-Visual Centre

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    United Arab Emirates

    Ajman University of Science and Technology

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    United Kingdom

    Bell College of Technology Flexible Learning on the Internet (FLOTI)

    Loughborough University of Technology LUTCHI Research Centre


    Middlesex University Centre for Electronic Arts

    Nottingham University AIMS Research Unit

    Open University, UK Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)

    University of Bath Media Technology Research Centre

    University of Bradford Graphics and Imaging Processing Group

    University of Plymouth School of Computing MediaLab Arts courses and BSc program

    University of Strathclyde (VCSRG) Virtual Construction Simulation Research

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    United States of America

    ACCAD Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design

    Air Force Institute of Technology

    Boeing Corporation

    Brown University Research Projects - Time Critical Computing

    Computer Graphics Group VRML Research - Virtual Reality Modeling Languages

    California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) Computer Graphics Group

    California Institute of the Arts Program in Integrated Media

    California Polytechnic University at Pomona New Media Studio

    California State University, Hayward Instructional Media Centre

    Carnegie Mellon University Studio for Creative Inquiry

    Cornell Theory Centre

    Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics Computer Science Projects

    George Washington University Institute for Computer Graphics

    Georgia Institute of Technology Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center

    EduTech Institute - multi-disciplinary research IMAGINE - Interactive Media Architecture Educational Technologies Resource Centre Interactive Media Technology Centre

    Human-Computer Interaction Institute Carnegie Melon University School of Computer Science

    Image Understanding Evironment

    Indiana University Center for Innovative Computer Applications

    Iowa State University Centre for Advanced Technology Development

    Kent State University Moulton Hall Technologies and Learning Centre

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Centre for Advanced Visual Studies Machine Listening Group, MIT Media Lab

    Media Communication Institute (IMK)

    Microsoft Research Microsoft Research Graphics Group

    NASA Multimedia Development Lab

    New York University New Media Centre

    Centre for Advanced Technology The Innovation Centre Centre for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA) Media Research Lab Centre for Digital Multimedia

    Northwestern University Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Centre

    New Media Centre

    Ohio State University Emerging Technologies Studio

    Princeton University Graphics and Geometry Group

    San Francisco Exploratorium

    San Francisco State University New Media Institute (NMI)

    Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory

    University of Boston Multimedia Communications Laboratory

    University of California at Berkeley Computer Graphics

    Berkeley Multimedia Research Centre

    University of California at Santa Cruz Perceptual Science Laboratory

    Laboratory for Visualization and Graphics

    University of Delaware Instructional Technology Centre

    University of Illinois at Chicago Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE)

    Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)

    University of Massachusetts at Lowell Institute for Visualization and Perception Research

    University of Michigan Collaborative Systems Research Group

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill UNC Graphics and Imaging Cluster

    University of Pennsylvania Center for Human Modeling and Simulation

    University of Southern California Integrated Media Systems Center

    Computer Graphics and Immersive Technologies

    University of Texas - Project SHASTRA Center for Computational Visualization

    University of the Virgin Islands Media Centre

    University of Washington Technology Centre Human Interface Technology Laboratory

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Laboratory for Scientific Visual Analysis