Presenter's Equipment List - UVic Centre Auditorium & Senate Chamber

Each of the two main presentation rooms, the UVic Centre Auditorium and the
Senate Chamber, will be equipped with the following:

1 MAC with CD ROM drive, Power Point, Internet Explorer
Note: has no floppy disk drive

1 PC with CD ROM drive, Power Point, Internet Explorer

Both PC and MAC will have Internet connectivity through UVic LAN

1 XGA LCD Projector hooked up through a switcher to both the PC and MAC
1 podium with podium mike and wireless mike
1 overhead projector
1 VHS VCR connected to LCD Projector through switcher
1 large screen
1 skirted tall equipment cart beside podium for presenter's own laptops

Presenter's laptops can be connected to Internet if they have a network card / PCMCIA
Sound system will take stereo output from presenter's laptops

Senate Chamber only: Beta SP Playback deck