Title: Creativity in 3D: An Introduction to Maya


Bill Buxton, Alias|Wavefront
Brad Clarkson, Alias|Wavefront

Time: 2:00 pm on Monday Feb. 12
Location: UVic Centre, Room A 183


With the growth of the web and the graphics capabilities of today's computers, graphic artists are beginning to be able to extend their palette by moving from 2D to 3D images and content. This opens up a number of areas for the artist and designer: web graphics, training, video game creation, feature film visual effects, animation, indusrial design, and visualization.

With this transition comes a new set of tools, of which Maya is a prime example.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce Maya, primarliy to those
who are interested in making the leap to 3D, or are curious about why
they might do so. The workshop will be practical in nature. It will
begin with a brief introduction as to where 3D fits in in the emerging
playing field of new media. This will be backed up with diverse
examples of artist's work.

The bulk of the workshop, however, will be a practical demonstration of
Maya. The purpose here is less to show what Maya can do, specifically,
than to show what one can do, and how one works. The intent is to help
potential 3D artists understand what the potential is, and help set
reasonable expectations as to what moving to 3D might imply.

The workshop will close with a Q&A session, where attendees can ask
questions about both the technology and the field of 3D graphics, in
general or any of the specific application domains.

Who Should Attend:

The workshop will be of interest to those involved in the creation of
new media content, such as web design and graphics, game development,
the creation of education and training materials, animation, visual
effects, visualization, and computer graphics in general.