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COMPANY_NAME Power Measurement Ltd.


Power Measurement is the largest engineering company on Vancouver Island and has been in business for 15+ years. HQs are in Victoria where all key decisions are made. Victoria operation includes Marketing, Sales, Service Support, Software Design, Test, Hardware Design, Embedded Systems Design, Mechanical Design, Technical Publication, Production Engineering, Production. Lateral movement is encouraged.

PML has sales presence in 85 countries worldwide, with over 85% of its sales going outside Canada. Various roles in the company have great opportunities to travel. PML is ideally suited to take advantage of a significant growth market - deregulated utility market. PML is on the leading edge of technology in both software systems design and embedded electronics applications. The company is growing at 25%+ per year with great opportunities to work in an ever evolving, growing operation. There is a large engineering focus in the company which enjoys an even larger R&D budget. PML provides excellent development tools, such as 2+ computers/developer.

Great vertical growth opportunities - majority of managers, executive are home grown from within the company. Young, energetic group - average age is 30 years! Excellent work environment promotes strong team-based approach, with boundaryless management philosophy. PML also promotes non-work activities active hockey league, employee leisure activities group, baseball teams, ski weekends. Employees participate in equity programs, profit sharing plan, company paid training opportunities, paid overtime for all technical staff, flexible working hours.

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