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COMPANY_NAME: IVL Technologies Ltd.

We develop and manufacture electronic audio products for the professional/commercial music industry. Our products use DSPs and microprocessors in real-time audio signal processing applications such as instrumental or vocal pitch detection, shifting and intelligent harmonization. IVL has a full staff level of 60 members employed in engineering, manufacturing, sales and support at our facilities located in Victoria, BC. We offer a comfortable and exciting work environment along with compensation packages that include many employee benefits. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for the following positions:

Opportunities exist for Research Engineers with a Bachelors or Masters degree in Electrical Engineering (Masters preferred) to conduct and document experiments to gain insight in the creation and manipulation of high quality audio signals, design digital signal processing algorithms for audio applications such as voice changing, pitch shifting, pitch correction, instrumental effects etc., prototyping algorithms in a C/C++ and Matlab/Simulink environment and interacting with, and supporting the H/W and S/W engineering groups in order to successfully implement algorithms on target hardware.

Software Engineers
Opportunities exist for Junior and Senior Software Engineers to develop user interface and control code for musical signal processing products. Responsibilities include software design, coding (C/Assembler), testing and documentation. Experience with real-time programming, embedded systems, “C” and Assembly language is required. Knowledge of music theory and design of digital audio systems preferred.

DSP Engineers
Opportunities exist for DSP Engineers who have demonstrated (min. 2 yrs) DSP/microprocessor software design, coding (C/Assembler) experience and working knowledge of C++. Experience with digital audio systems and DSP56XXX is required. Knowledge of music theory is also desirable. Bachelors or Masters degree in Electrical Engineering is required. Responsibilities include DSP/microprocessor software design, coding (C/Assembler), testing and documentation.

Hardware Engineers
Opportunities exist for Hardware Engineers, to work with new product development, design and test. Detailed design of analog and digital circuits for Music and Audio products; project based – starting from completed high level design of hardware and producing a detailed design, schematics, debugging, testing, preparation of manufacturing test procedures, and documentation of the design according to IVL specifications.

Test Engineer
Opportunities exist for a Test Engineer. Responsibilities include testing and troubleshooting digital and analog circuit designs, building and modifying product prototypes, providing technical support for engineering project teams, creating and supporting system test programs, dealing with compliance issues and interacting with contract manufacturers.

PCB Layout Technologist
Opportunities exist for a qualified individual with experience in PCB layout. Responsibilities include laying out analog and digital circuits for Music and Audio products according to IVL specifications.

Please submit resumes to:
Human Resources
IVL Technologies Ltd.
6710 Bertram Place
Victoria, BC V8M 1Z6
fax: (250) 544-4100
email: jobs@ivl.com


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