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Swans Pub

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-668-7926
Phone: (250) 361-3310
Fax: (250) 361-3491

506 Pandora Street
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8W 1N6


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Works on Display at Swans Pub

Frostad, Stephanie
June Cycle I+II (1993)
oil on canvas, 110 x 110cm

Kelly, Kerry Joe
Stained glass (undated)
stained glass, 360 x 180cm

Livingston, John
Hok-Hok (1996)
mixed media, 210 x 90cm

Merino, Luis
Bar Maids III (1990)
oil on canvas, 175 x 58.5cm

Morrisseau, Norval
Untitled; Two Heads with Bird (undated)
acrylic on canvas, 27 x 21.5cm

Siebner, Herbert
Frieze of Life (1959)
mixed media, 98.5 x 323.5cm

Stephens, Godfrey
Kluk Chiutl (pole) (undated)
red cedar, copper, metal, oil, 342.5 x 95cm

Thompson, Art
Dididaht Legend of Swans and Wolves (undated)
red cedar, copper, alabone; operculum, cedar bark; paint, 160 x 230cm

Unwin, Jay
Icarus (1989)
lead, fiberglass, 133.7 x 105cm

Wright, Jimmy
Buffalo (1993)
acrylic on canvas, 109 x 137cm

Yeomans, Don
Untitled; Yellow Cedar Circular Panel (1996)
yellow cedar, 75 x 75cm

Works on Display at Swans Penthouse

Hiscock, Keith
Island Chora (undated)
acrylic on board, 76 x 152cm

Marshall, Vicky
Retired (undated)
oil on canvas, 146 x 176cm

Onley, Toni
Polar #15 (1962)
oil on canvas, 126 x 129.2cm

Vickers, Roy Henry
Tsimshian Halibut and Octopus House Pole (1982)
red cedar, oil, wax, 307.5 x 82.5cm

Wise, Jack
Smugglers Cove Channel #4 (1981)
oil on canvas, 49.5 x 60cm

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