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Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

Phone: 250-721-8298 (recording) or 250-721-6562
Fax: 250-721-8997

University of Victoria
Box 3025 STN CSC
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8W 3P2


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Works on Display at Maltwood Gallery

Bender, James
Untitled; Serving Dish (undated)
alder and soapberry wood, 16 x 53cm

Bates, Pat Martin
Untitled (undated)
mixed media on paper, 101 x 82cm

Bates, Maxwell
Woman (undated)
oil on board, 89 x 59cm

Ciccimarra, Richard
Untitled (undated)
watercolour, graphite, and charcoal on paper, 19 x 24cm

Ciccimarra, Richard
Untitled (undated)
graphite on paper, 19.5 x 24.5cm

David, Joseph
A Hole in the House (drum) (1995)
acrylic on deerhide; drum, 35.2 x 35.2 cm

Davidson, Robert
The Happy Blowhole (1992)
cast bronze, 17.7 x 36.2cm

Davis, Marlene
South America (1988)
acrylic, oil, paper, and fabric on canvas, 101 x 86cm

Dexter, Walter
Untitled Vase (undated)
Raku, 32 x 25cm

Flett, Ken
Alister Starbuck and His Book of Revelations (1995)
mixed media on canvas, 164 x 233cm

Frostad, Stephanie
Untitled (undated)
oil on canvas, 119.5 x 119cm

Graham, Colin D.
Blue Hill (undated)
oil on canvas, 44.5 x 59.8cm

Howarth, Glen
Banff School Artist’s Colony (Banff Repeater Station) (1985)
oil on board, 59.9 x 59.9cm

Hunt, Tony
Killer Whale, (undated)
ink on paper, 26.7 x 24.1cm

Jorgensen, Flemming
Untitled; Limners print, (1978)
charcoal on paper, 56 x 71cm

Livingston, John
Untitled; Paddle (undated)
yellow cedar, paint, 18 x 164cm

Malinsky, Charles
Bride of the Captured Earth (1993)
oil on canvas, 163 x 242.5cm

Merino, Luis
Frida (1990-91)
oil on canvas, 121 x 91cm

Morrisseau, Norval
Untitled; Spirit Figures (1979)
acrylic on canvas, 93.2 x 29.6cm

Nattrass, Sean
Unctuous #2, soothing, smooth, and oily; suave, plastic, as clay (1995)
mixed media on canvas, 172.5 x 94.6cm

Onley, Toni
Spirit Lake (1984)
oil on canvas, 49.9 x 60.3cm

Pasco, Duane
Untitled; Ghost Rattle (undated)
cast bronze, horsehair, 29 x 15cm

Pasutti, Brad
Bed (1999)
pastel on paper, 73 x 104cm

Pavelic, Myfanwy
Max Bates (Profile) (1951)
mixed media on paper, 52.5 x 57.5cm

Rammel, George
Pyrolith (1977-1984) (photograph of)
mixed media, 292 x 134cm

Siebner, Herbert
Endless Summer (Dedicated to the Limners) (1979)
oil on canvas, 110 x 186cm

Stephens, Godfrey
Michael (2000)
mixed media on paper, 45.5 x 80.4cm

Thompson, Art
Untitled Paddle; Thunderbird and Human (1995)
paint on yellow cedar, 17 x 180.8cm

Chilkat Bent Box (c.1840)
wood, operculum, pigment, 51.5 x 57.5cm

Coast Salish Horn Rattle (Shanowskis) (4) (c.1900)
wood, bone, horn and wool, 17 x 31cm

Crow Dolls (3) (c.1980-1990)
mixed media, 51.25 x 24.5cm

Tsimshian Bent Box (c.1840)
unknown wood, pigment, 53.5 x 62cm

Northwest Coast Plain Horn Spoon (undated)
mountain sheep horn, 11 x 25.2cm

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