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Fran Willis Gallery

Phone: (250) 381-3422
Fax: (250) 381-7374

200-1619 Store Street
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8W 3K3


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Works on Display at Fran Willis Gallery

Bates, Maxwell
Workmen (Lunch Hour) (1957)
oil on canvas, 75 x 95cm

Bates, Pat Martin
Arctic Night for a Moon Catcher (undated)
mixed media, 39.5 x 93cm

Becker, Noah
Tchaikovsky (1990)
oil on canvas, 186 x 141cm

Bender, James
Taku Box of Daylight (1985)
mixed media, 28 x 13cm

Ciccimmarra, Richard
Untitled; Figure with Newspaper (1968)
Mixed media, 56 x 76cm

Davidson, Robert
Shark (1996)
red cedar, paint, 127 x 118cm

Davis, Marlene
Sanctuary (1993)
oil on canvas, 124 x 165cm

Flett, Ken
Fog of Miscalculation (1993)
mixed media on canvas, 161.5 x 189cm

Forrest, Nita
Untitled; White Pants (undated)
oil on canvas, 83 x 53cm

Gordaneer, James
Untitled; Children on Horse Buggy (1953)
oil on masonite, 67.5 x 50.5cm

Grossman, Angela
Untitled; Five Figures (undated)
oil on board, 122 x 305cm

Harvey, Don
Window Diamond (1980)
oil on canvas, 116 x 116cm

Hopper, Robin
Ceramic plate (undated)
10.8 x 46cm

Howarth, Glen
Pub Scene (1975)
oil on canvas, 121 x 121cm

Jorgensen, Flemming
View from 10 Mile Point (1982)
oil on canvas, 45 x 55.8cm

Kidder, Jack
Pembroke Street (1981)
coloured graphite, 41 x 53cm

Lam, Chin-Shek
#74-68 (1974)
gouache on paper, 47 x 47cm

Lindsay, James
Tunnel of Love (undated)
mixed media on canvas, 120.5 x 209cm

Lukacs, Atilla Richard
Yellow (1994)
oil on canvas, 254 x 168cm

Malinsky, Charles
Fury, Heavenly Fury (1993)
oil on canvas, 153 x 102cm

Maynard, Max
Untitled; Rural Road, Cowichan (1935)
oil on board, 71 x 91cm

Morris, Michael
Untitled; TV Screen (1967)
ink on acetate, 91 x 66cm

Pasutti, Brad
Tiempo Perdido (1991)
pastel on paper, 129 x 100cm

Pavelic, Myfanwy
Blue Sky (1991)
acrylic on canvas, 121.5 x 91.5cm

Point, Susan
Double Salmon Spindle Whorl (1980)
mixed media, 205 x 205cm

Sawchuk, George
Northward Bound (undated)
mixed media, 79 x 96cm

Serota, Phyllis
Painters Day (1981)
oil on board, 65 x 97.5cm

Shadbolt, Jack
Untitled; Hockey Owl (1972/1989/1992)
acrylic on canvas, 151.5 x 100cm

Trasov, Vincent
Montana (1981)
oil on canvas, 194 x 141cm

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