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Image 01
Untitled; Yellow Cedar Ciruclar Panel
Yellow cedar

Image 01
Ceremonial Furniture: Sides and lower front face carvings of Chancellor's Chair

Don Yeomans

Don Yeomans (Haida), born 1953 in Prince Rupert, is highly respected for his carving and graphic art. Don has worked on numerous projects and commissions with Robert Davidson, Reg Davidson, John Livingston, Bill Reid, and other well known Northwest Coast Artists. In addition to wood carving, Don's works in a variety of media including bronze casts, silkscreen prints, and textiles.

His work can be found in the University of British Columbia's Museum of Anthropology, the Royal British Columbia Museum, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and the Seattle Art Museum. In 2002 he completed a major totem pole commission for Stanford University.

For more information, visit the official University of Victoria Ceremonial Furniture web site.