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Image 01
Oil on canvas
(Image © CARCC)

Vincent Trasov

Vincent Trasov was born in 1947. He was known as Mr. Peanut during the heydays of the Vancouver art scene in the 60’s. Trasov, Dr. and Lady Brute, Flakey Rosehips and many others, were recognized as the avant-garde, conceptual artists of their generation. The Belkin Gallery at the University of British Columbia purchased his Mr. Peanut costume for $30,000. As well, that institution owns the Morris/Trasov Archive; an extensive collection related to the art practices of Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov predominantly from 1969-74. It consists of mail art, documents and ephemera related to Mr. Peanut, Colour Bars, Babyland, Art's Birthday, Decca Dance, Robert Filliou, Ray Johnson, Image Bank, Fluxus, and General Idea.