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Ceremonial Furniture: Carved Eagle on top rim of Chancellor's Chair

Norman Tait

Born in Kincolith, on the Nass River, B.C. in 1947, Norman Tait has lived in the traditional area of the Nisga'a throughout his career as one of the leading Nisga'a carvers, designers and educators. His early training included an apprenticeship with Freda Diesing, the renowned Haida carver, artist and teacher. Norman Tait has worked in a variety of media ranging from miniature ivory and silver pieces to silkscreen prints and several series of monumental cedar totem poles and house fronts. His masks, as well as poles and other carvings are found in several major public and private collections worldwide. For the Chancellor's Chair, Norman chose to depict an Eagle with wings stretched across the upper rim. As one of the most prominent members of the Eagle clan of the Kincolith region, Norman Tait has imparted his affinity and special knowledge of this symbol of power, fidelity and integrity.

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