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Painters Day
Oil on board
(Image © CARCC)

Phyllis Serota

Phyllis Serota was born in 1938 in Chicago. She graduated with a BFA from the University of Victoria in 1979 and has exhibited extensively throughout Western Canada and the United States since 1977. Serota's paintings are included in the collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, City of Victoria, and the Province of British Columbia.

Her paintings are usually occupied by sensitively rendered and coloured images of people. As a Jewish artist, she has also used her work to comment on the atrocities of the Holocaust resulting in the exhibition of her paintings at the Holocaust Education Centre in Vancouver, BC.

Commenting on her work Serota said, "My painting is my discovery of my reality as it unfolds. My subject matter has often been an exploration of both personal and collective memory. Recently, my paintings are emerging from a more ‘intuitive’ place. My commitment now is to follow that journey.”