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Ceremonial Furniture: Chilkat woven backrest panel Eagle design

Cheryl Samuel

Born in 1948, Cheryl Samuel has spent most of her life in the Northwest Coast with much travel time devoted to the study of indigenous weaving techniques. Cheryl has been teaching and creating weavings in both Ravenstail and Chilkat designs for more than thirty years. She is respected as an author on these ancient northern weaving techniques and has weavings in many important public and private collections both nationally and internationally. The design for the back rest of the Chancellor's Chair is classic Eagle design of Chilkat style. The shape of the weaving is that of a "Copper", the symbol of high status and wealth in Northwest Coast cultures. Eagle Chief is depicted in traditional Tlingit formline and acts as a focal point for all the Eagle references throughout the ceremonial furniture.

For more information, visit the official University of Victoria Ceremonial Furniture web site.