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Oil on canvas

Vicky Marshall

Vicky Marshall was born in 1952 in Sheffield, England, but has lived in British Columbia since the early 1970's and is a graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Known for her vigorous, expressionist style, Marshall was another of the firebrands included in the Young Romantics exhibition organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1985.

Her early works focused on her urban surroundings and the lives of the people she saw on the streets of the eastside of Vancouver. These works have often been compared to the works of the Die Brucke group of German Expressionists for her use of angular forms and communication of the angst of her chosen subject matter.

Later she moved away from painting the human form and went outside the city completing sketches on location in the British Columbia wilderness. She did the same while traveling in Australia and India in the early 1990's. The smaller sketches and paintings were then used as the reference point for larger studio canvases.

Marshall's paintings have been exhibited in solo exhibitions at public art galleries throughout British Columbia and are included in many corporate and public collections. She continues to pursue oil painting and most recently works on richly coloured still-life paintings employing a relaxed hand and thick impasto.