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Image 01
Tunnel of Love
Mixed media on canvas
(Image © CARCC)

James Lindsay

James Lindsay was born in Holytown, Scotland in 1944. He studied printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1967. He continued studying at the Jordanhill College of Education, and then taught art for two years before immigrating to Canada in 1970. He settled in Edmonton, Alberta, exhibited paintings, and published a book of illustrated poetry with Christopher Ringrose. In 1974 he moved to Victoria. Lindsay taught arts and crafts at the William Head Institution, a federal penitentiary near Victoria from 1975 until1979. He was elected national Vice-President of the Canadian Artists Representation (C.A.R.) in 1979 and became involved in the issues of "artist's rights" copyright, censorship, artist's fees, and lobbied for changes in legislation to benefit Canadian Visual artists.

He returned to studying printmaking in 1981, spending a year at the Vancouver Community College in order to produce big edition prints using 4-colour process offset lithography mixed with other media. In 1982 he published Fragments from the War Zone. Lindsay continues to be engaged as an artist and arts activist on the local scene.