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Window Diamond
Oil on canvas

Donald Harvey

Donald Harvey was born in 1930 in Walthamstow, England. He completed his National Diploma of Painting and Design at the West Sussex College of Art in 1950 and in 1951 he completed his Art Teacher's Diploma at the Brighton College of Art. He worked as an art instructor in Wales for four years followed by a year of traveling and painting in Sicily and Spain before immigrating to Canada in 1958.

After a brief period in Winnipeg, Harvey settled in Regina where he served as the Executive Secretary of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. In 1961, he moved to Victoria to fill a teaching position at the University of Victoria. Besides teaching, Harvey has exhibited frequently since the mid-1950's. He is internationally renowned and his paintings are included in museum and corporate collections in North America and Europe.

His early works were largely non-representational, but as he developed as an artist he came to embrace nature in his works. Don Harvey, now retired from his duties as professor in the Visual Arts Department at the University of Victoria, continues to live, work, and exhibit regularly in Victoria.