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Image 01
Taku Box of Daylight
Paint, alder, mirrors, copper, abaloney

Image 01
Untitled; Serving dish
Alder and soapberry wood

James Bender

James Bender of Bainbridge Island, Washington, was born in 1950. He is a non-Native carver who was a student of Bill Holm and Duane Pasco. Bender is well respected for his carving skills, particularly in the context of replicating historic Northwest Coast art. He has completed a variety of commissions for public and private institutions as well as collectors throughout Europe and North America.

He works in a variety of media, but he favors precious metals and finds that jewelry pieces lend themselves to the flowing qualities of formline design of Northwest Coast art. Two of his totem poles can be found in the Victor Steinbrueck Park at Pike's Place Market in Seattle.