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Oil on canvas

Noah Becker

Becker was only thirteen years old when he attended life classes at the Victoria College of Art. In no way self -conscious or embarrassed, the aspiring youngster focused on the instructions at hand and in the next couple of years he rapidly progressed through the College's curriculum. He earned his diploma with honors in 1987, just seventeen years old. Becker continued his studies with Master classes in the studio of noted Canadian artist Glenn Howarth, a year of post-graduate work at the V.C.A, and a year of study in Italy in 1991.

Becker is a multi talented artist noted for his haunting portraits and figure-filled canvasses infused with a highly distinctive idiom. His pictures, identified by clashing colors and vigorous brush strokes combine to produce taut, psychologically charged images. By his own admission he paints because he enjoys the process and has said, "you have to crawl that I mean you have to understand the subject, empathize...then breathe life into it. The canvas becomes alive, changing and growing every time you look at it. "