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Exhibition Acknowledgements

Essay written by Nicholas Tuele

Exhibit co-curators:
Nicholas Tuele and Caroline Riedel

Director, Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery:
Martin Segger

Curatorial Assistants:
Jim Galvao, Nev Gibson, Robbyn Gordon, Catlin Lewis, Ross Macaulay, Miguel MacDonald, Grace Ostan, Cathleen Thom, Jeffrey Werner

Website design:
Jeffrey Werner

Content author and consultant, First Nations artists:
Kerry Mason

Malahat Group International

Bob Matheson

Exhibit and events:
Fran Willis and staff at the Fran Willis Gallery; Janina Ceglarz, Michelle Stratford, and staff at Swans Hotel and Brew Pub

We would also like to recognize the Canadian Arts Representation Copyright Collective and thank those artists who waived or donated their exhibit fees to the University of Victoria for this exhibit.

Virtual exhibit sites:

About Exhibit

Michael Collard Williams: Publican and Patron of the Arts

Written by Nicholas Tuele, Curator

Foreword: I first met Michael Williams in 1981 upon my arrival in Victoria to assume a curatorial position at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Over the years, as his art collection grew, he would relish the opportunity to show off his latest treasure whenever I visited the Swans Pub. Michael enjoyed talking about art and the artists represented in his collection and he valued the repartee of a vigorous art discussion.

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