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Among the numerous books are:

Sir Rabindranath Tagore, Fruit-Gathering (London, MacMillan, 1916).

Lewis Spence, An Encyclopaedia of Occultism; A compendium of information on the Occult Sciences, Occult Personalities, Psychic Science, Magic, Demonology, Spiritualism and Mysticism (London, G. Rutledge, 1920).

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The periodicals include:

The Modern Mystic and Monthly Science Review; The Occult Review; Theosophia; The Theosophical Forum; The Theosophical Movement; Buddhism in England.

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55In Freemasonry it is believed that God vouchsafed their Grand Master and Archangel, King Solomon, with a knowledge of forms in their original perfection, so that his Temple was the Temple of God. It resembled more the work of the supreme architect of the universe than the labour of mankind.
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In addition to those already cited Mrs. Maltwood produced the following books:

A guide to Glastonbury's temple of the stars: their giant effigies described from air views, maps, and from "The High History of the Holy Grail" (London, The Women's Printing Society Ltd, 1934).

A revised edition of the above was published by Victoria Printing and Publishing Co. in 1950. It was also published posthumously in 1964 by James Clarke and Co. Ltd., London.

Air view Supplement to a guide to Glastonbury's temple of the Stars (London, John M. Watkins, 1937).

Itinerary of "The Somerset Giants" abridged from King Arthur's Round Table of the Zodiac (Victoria, Victoria Printing and Publishing Co., updated).

59For instance, she tried in vain to enlist the support of members of The National Trust, The Royal Astronomical Association and The Royal Society of Arts.

See for instance:

Anthony Roberts, ed. Glastonbury, Ancient Avalon, New Jerusalem (London, Rider & Co., 1978). This book contains twelve articles by various authors. Colin Wilson in the "Afterward" writes: "As the reader will have discovered, the majority of contributors to this book accept Mrs. Maltwood's ideas."

Oliver Reiser, This Holyest Erthe (London, Perennial Books, 1974). Reiser discusses Mrs. Maltwood's theories and feels they require further investigation and substantiation but that for the present she has "lifted the mantle of invisibility."

John Michell, The View over Atlantis (London, Sphere Books Ltd., 1973). Michell believes that for many people the Glastonbury zodiac is "aesthetically correct" but that for the time being it must be accepted as "a poetic rather than a scientific truth."

Mary Caine, The Glastonbury Zodiac, Key to the Mysteries of Britain (Devon, Torquay, Grael Communications, 1978). Mrs. Caine follows Mrs. Maltwood's ideas closely and adds several elaborations and refinements of her own.


Among the books on Freemasonry consulted by Mrs. Maltwood are:

Douglas Knoop, The Genesis of Freemasonry (Manchester, University Press, 1947).

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For instance among her book on furniture she referred to:

George O. Wheeler, Old English Furniture from the 16th to the 19th Centuries: A Guide for the Collector (London, L. U. Gill, 1909).

Percy Macquoid, A History of English Furniture (London, Collins, 1919).

John Gloag, British Furniture Makers (London, Collins, 1946).

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73Katharine Maltwood was great friend of Diana's father, Bob Drabble and his sister and frequently visited them at their family home in Derbyshire. When Bob married and moved to British Columbia Katharine became a god-mother to his daughter, Diana.
74Many of the stones Katharine Maltwood used in her Victoria works were acquired for her by Diana's husband, Stuart S. Holland, Chief geologist for the Department of Mines, Victoria.
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84Here, aside from traditional painting and drawing courses, a wide variety of subjects were offered including clay modeling, pottery, design, illustration and nature form.
85She took on many of the burdens of operation in the early days of the Little Centre and the Arts Centre. Later with the gift of the Spencer Mansion in 1951 and the establishment of the present gallery she helped, with Hildegarde Wyllie, by serving on the board of directors and as a member of the accessions committee.
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89Mrs. Wyllie later donated these works to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
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