Four Drawer Chest: A Different Perspecitve
(Detail) - Walnut & Birch Plywood
Cam Russell, 2003

Art Deco

Between World War I and World War II, an eclectic design style developed that later became known as Art Deco.

Arts & Craft Movement

The Arts and Crafts movement arose as a response to the Industrial Revolution.

Chinese Q'ing Dynasty

Chinese furniture making blossomed during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Furniture makers during this time emphasized simplicity, fluid lines, high quality woods and finishes.

“Egyptian Revival” Style & Liberty and Co.

After Napoleon’s campaigns in Egypt (1798-99) and the subsequent occupation by the British, Europeans became fascinated with ancient Egyptian architecture and furniture.

Late Georgian Style

The Maltwood's “Chest of Drawers” was made in Britain during the late Georgian period. Late Georgian style refers to furniture made in Britain from 1760 - 1811, during the reigns of “mad King George” III and George IV.

Shaker Style

The Shakers are a breakaway sect of the Quaker religion who came from England to New York in 1776.

History of Funiture Timeline

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