Ken Guenter

“Have a Seat Vasari”
Based on a Renaissance Chair (Details 1,2)

Ken began his career as a furniture maker at the BC Institute of Technology where he apprenticed in bench work and joinery from 1976-1980. In 1993, he completed a Bachelor in Arts (History in Art with distinction) at the University of Victoria. Ken has operated his own business, ‘Of the Woods’ workshop, for over 20 years. For the last three years, he has taught in the Fine Furniture program at Camosun College.

Ken is a furniture maker/designer who produces limited edition furniture and one-of-kind designs. The study and understanding of historical referents plays an important role in many of the designs produced in his studio workshop. Historical referents are revisited, not for the purpose of reproduction or mimicry, but to uphold the integrity of form.

Ken loves to build furniture that “interacts with the human body”. Ken also has what he calls a “quirky fascination” with the Renaissance and is intrigued by this time period when craftspeople, who had formerly enjoyed an elevated status in society, suddenly were overlooked and were considered “lowly.”

“Primary Issues” Triangular Drop-leaf Table (Details 3,4)

Using the drop-leaf table as a design inspiration was an opportunity for Ken to create a fun and whimsical piece. His interpretation of the drop-leaf table has similar proportions to the original and functions in the same way, but is unique in its playfulness and vibrant colours.