Mobile Museum Program of National Museum, Botswana at Ditshegwane Village (Study Tour visit, 1995) CAM workshop delegates in Guyana with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, The Honourable Gail Texeira, 1999 Delegate display at GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997 Tswaing Crater, South Africa, 1995 Jennifer Wishart (left), Emmanuel Arinze, Jenny Daly at Museum of African Art, Georgetown, Guyana CAM delegates at the Tswaing Crater Interpretation Centre, South Africa, 1995 Children's dance troupe, Ditshegwane Village, 1995 Charity Namukoko Salasini, Zambia with child guest, GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997

Barbados Declaration

Declaration on Museum Education and Professional Development in the Caribbean Developed at a workshop organized by the Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM), the Museums Association of the Caribbean (MAC), ICOM Barbados, and ICOM ICTOP
Bridgetown, Barbados, June 2015

Whereas museum education offers students and teachers learning programmes in support of national curricula as well as unique, informal lifelong learning opportunities for men and women, boys and girls

Whereas museum education reaches all parts of a society, enabling people to learn about their own cultures and opening minds to the cultures of others encouraging a more inclusive environment

Whereas museums reinforce local social and cultural values and contribute to the promotion of national and regional cultural identities

Whereas museums provide a safe environment to discuss multiple perspectives on controversial and sometimes contentious issues

Whereas the Caribbean is home to world heritage sites and museums that provide unique opportunities to learn through original artefacts, specimens and records

Whereas CARICOM’s recently approved 10 point plan for slavery reparations recognises the importance of museums and other cultural institutions in addressing human rights and social justice


That curriculum developers collaborate with museums in the Caribbean to reinforce teaching and learning about local and regional history, culture and tradition in schools at all ages.

That training opportunities such as internships, practicums, exchanges, scholarships, and bursaries be provided for current and future museum workers in order to preserve our heritage.

That Education Ministers provide support for tertiary level programmes in museum studies and related subjects throughout the Caribbean offered at the University of the West Indies and other regional institutions.

That Education Ministers provide support to update and promote the Basic Certificate in Museums Studies, a distance learning programme offered by the Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM).

That additional funding be provided to museums to enable them to develop exhibitions and provide accessible, quality educational opportunities.

That the Museums Association of the Caribbean (MAC) be recognised as an advisor to the secondary school entrance exams/assessments and the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) to recommend ways in which museums may be integrated into the national curriculum framework for Caribbean primary and secondary schools.

That MAC, as the regional museums association, be recognised as an advisor to CARICOM on the role of cultural institutions in CARICOM plans and related educational, heritage and cultural matters.